Aquarius horoscope 2017 will be a good year

Aquarius horoscope 2017 will be positive in most of our aspects. Aquarius this year will receive a great influence of some powerful celestial bodies like planets and stars. The Sun will be one of them, bringing light and warmth to all those born under this zodiac sign, but also will enter mercury providing a pretty negative impact.
It would be advisable for aquarius that will spend much of their time trying to find solutions to current problems in general; but especially in the professional area or business. If you want to supplement this prediction of the zodiac with the tarot, use any of the tarots of:

Aquarius horoscope 2017, very well for work and money

Aquarius will have much power this year, and you can dismiss or hire employees; Remove and put people according to your needs of the moment, but mercury could be against Aquarius and it would mix with their personal affairs.
It will be a difficult year to compensate the balance between the negative and the positive. Aquarium might be overwhelmed by an excess of temperament, and other pressures that could receive would be too strong; and would find it very difficult to contain them. They should be prepared for everything, especially the incidentals in the Aquarius horoscope 2017.

Love in the year 2017

It is important that Aquarium maintains very good relations with their environment, because you will need good social enviroment and receive support when you have problems and help you to reach your goals of business and work. Show your side more flexible and tolerant will help you find a partner; or if you have to maintain a good relationship without problems.


The horoscope Aquarius 2017, this summer will no longer influence the Sun and mercury, and Mars and Saturn will start to influence our zodiac sign; very especially in the family area. Which means that they will boost their family, paternal and maternal side, and dedicate to their care much longer than usual.


And now comes the negative part of the year for us, due to the influence of Mercury. We will have a small problem of health. It won’t be anything serious but may last awhile. Thanks to the family support that you will receive, you could convalesce and everything will return to normal

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