Astrology chart will reveal your whole life

Astrology chart is used to know all about our zodiac sign. Basically this means that the date, time and place you were born; a small portion of the sky to the east in which at that time was positioned some zodiacal constellation, said your personality and how others see us for the rest of your life.

It also shows our behavior, our merits and faults, our physical, the way in which initiate anything, our sexuality, etc. Ultimately, forging your whole person.

To calculate the chart is necessary to know all the details of your birth day exactly. The importance of knowing the exact time is that the zodiacal signs move and vary according to time. And depending on where they will change.


Astrology chart will show you the way you are

The chart draw imaginary lines separating the sky 12 houses. The houses are each chart´s sectors of the divided into 12 roughly equal shares of around 30 each. Each house represents a zodiac sign. Ascending is credited to the House I.

It is important to know the result of the astrology chart, as there are many qualities inside you that you do not know.

The planets are in the ascendant the day of your birth also interact in the development of your personality, of your being or your qualities.

Recommendations for a good use

  • This astrology chart is very accurate and will process all the information you offer him
    Do not skip any steps or contain false information.
    He set schedule changes for decades; if you were born in summer time or winter.
    It is very important to know the exact data of your birth.

If you ask your parents need the exact time of your birth, and the place. You must include the city or town where you were born, not where you live now. If you are ready, see your chart.


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