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Use the differents free tarot readings that we propose for you. Access the flow of wisdom behind every single card of the decks. Use them under your responsability.

Use the money tarot to know about the present and future of your financial situation

Tarot reading online for money and fortune

Use the gypsy tarot. One of the most accurate tarot ever. The gypsies were specialized in matters of white magic, thus they dominated the tarot.

The fortune teller read your future through the cards

The Celtic tarot was created over the year 1200 BC. They were esoteric societies, perfecting oracles and the power of the tarot cards.

Celtic tarot, one of the best oracles ever from the past

RUNIC TAROT. An oracle created by the ancient Nordic civilizations long time ago.

It is about an alphabet of 25 runes and were carved in stone or wood. Every stone has a meaning:

Tarot of the runes, one of the best ways of divination

Use the Marseiile tarot to know about everything. This is one of the most famous tarot,

Free tarot reading, online marseille tarot

Use the TAROT OF THE ANGELS to receive their energy and messages that guide you. You are receiving Angel´s message often, but you don´t realize of it. Learn how be aware.

Tarot of the angels, one of the most powerful readings of cards

Use the Love tarot to know all about your current and future sentimental situation. It will be useful if you need to choose between 2 ways, or if you need some advice about love or friendship.

Free love tarot, say goodbye to loneliness

Try the Egyptian tarot. Maybe, the first tarot created in history. A powerful oracle to see the events of the future.

Tarot Card Meanings, try the Egyptian Tarot

3 Love spells of white magic to attract the person that really worth it. Easy and effective. Use it carefully.

Love spells to attract the person that really worth it

Use the I-Ching, a powerful chinese oracle. One of the oldest oracle ever. Throw the 3 chinese coins and get the result here:

I ching online, one of the most powerful oracles ever

The astrology Chart will reveal all your life. Learn all about your Zodiac Sign.

Astrology chart will reveal your whole life

Use the Wicca oracle connected with the nature

Ask the Wicca oracle anything you want