Choose two tarot cards and get the results

Card 1

This card indicates the potential to manifest your desires. When your vision and actions are in sync you can create miracles! This card represents the law of attraction. Your thoughts are energy which creates your reality, for good or bad. Be very mindful of what it is you tell yourself over and over, that is what will come back to you. Make your thoughts positive to attract positive.

Card 2

This is a time you are being asked to be creative, courageous, enthusiastic and confident. Be original and find a new area of self-expression. Now is the time to get your blood flowing, be passionate and jump in whole heartedly. Believe in yourself and say “YES I CAN” You must move beyond any doubts now. Take the risk, have the adventure and become fearless. Spring time is an important time to start this new adventure. Any time during March till end of May.

Card 3

You have the opportunity now to regain your hope and faith. Inspiration and generosity is on offer to you now. Your motivation is being restored and you will believe in the future once again. You will understand how a current situation played out the way it did, realizing your inner strength and seeing the way clear. Let your love flow freely and hold nothing back. Open your heart and spread the wealth. You can now relax, you’ve earned it.

Card 4

This card represents moving away or planning to move away from mental pain or confusion. This is a time of transitioning. This includes traveling (often over water), moving from one place to another, changing locations or entering a new frame of mind. This may come with a low level of sadness and experiencing the blues. You may be feeling like you are picking up the pieces or learning how to cope with demands. This is a choice you are making to move towards a more positive place where you soon will start to feel hope again.

Card 5

You may be inspired to use creative thinking and your problem solving skills as you encounter challenges. Be on alert and try and stay one step ahead of the competition. You may find yourself in a position where guile, tact and diplomacy is necessary in a current situation. Watch out for deceitful behaviour.

Card 6

This card indicates taking a break and some much needed rest and relaxation. You have experienced some mental stress and your mind, body and soul are craving recuperation. Do not push the envelope if you are in serious need to heal. Taking time out alone to contemplate, examine your motives and get in touch with your inner voice is being called for now. This is a time for quiet preparation, tying up loose ends, and getting ready for the future. For some of you this card may be advising you to keep some new idea to yourself for now allowing the idea to grow in your mind before sharing it.

Card 7

This card can represent a person you know or some aspect of yourself that is being called for now. There is an opportunity for you to communicate with enthusiasm, set an example that others want to follow by showing your powerful leadership. You can earn respect now by commanding your presence. Be creative, develop an innovative project or idea and open up to new areas of experience. You can be the mastermind behind new strategies. If you need to take a chance, now is the time to do it while the stakes are high. Be different and have the courage of your convictions.

Card 8

This card asks you to let go, surrender and give up control of a situation. This is a time for reversing and seeing things from a new or different perspective. It is a time of patience, pausing to reflect and giving up urgency. You must live in the moment and wait for the best opportunity. This requires a sacrifice on your part and putting your own self-interest aside for the moment. What you are being asked to do is give up for a higher cause. The irony behind this card is by making these contradictory moves, this is when we find what we have been looking for

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