Daily draw of 3 tarot readings


Natalie Coombes

A person of your environment has a lot of ambition. This person wants to help others, but sometimes he harms them instead of benefiting them.

Your inner balance has been altered by a problem you can not discern. You need an answer, but you do not know exactly how.

You will receive money owed to you. It may be the refund of a debt or a quantity of money that must be refund to you after a payment or any agreement you have concluded. It may also be compensation or money borrowed.

Maggie Brookes

A person who you helped in the past will disappoint you. He/She’s an older person than you, you considered him/her a good friend. You will ask for help for an important matter and this person will betray you.

You are going to enter a stage that will allow you to experience good sensations. Every little time will bring you surprises and, for this, you will have to demonstrate great flexibility to take advantage of the moments.

A person from your environment with whom you have good relationship will go away for a while, but this person will be back.

Nettie McPherson

An incident of no great importance will have a large impact. A person from from your enviroment is angry because an event went wrong and will that person will blame you wrongly.

Favorable stage for the familiar economy. If you are working there could be a raise; If not, you could find a job or a family member.

You’ll make an acquisition that you’ve been wanting to do. This will bring you much enthusiasm, although you will feel that you are being selfish, you will do the right thing. You has been altruistic for a long time.

Heather O.

A person who creates problems and difficulties long time ago will be affected by events and circumstances. The fate will protect you and that person will stop bothering you when he/she realizes that can´t achieve their purpose.

There will be enough income in your home to pay bills and do activities in your spare time. There will be good moments with your family and friends.

Moment of weakness in health, is not moment to get into great efforts or discussions.

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