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Daily draw


Katharine M.

There will be a small problem that will take away a lot of free time. However, although it will be a difficult and tedious experience, it will end up giving you experience in life and it will be rewarding.

Something is exhausting in you in your life. A task, a friendship, something. You should make some changes in your life. You have a lot of energy but you should not waste time in vain. You have to think if you walk away from that problem or not.

Possibility of improvement in work. You will find work if you are looking for it; If you have already, you could improve the conditions of your job.

Alice M

You need to accept that the success is not always achieved in the first attempt. You have tried it and you have obtained disappointing results but this does not mean that you have to give up your goal. Achieving success sometimes costs time and money.

You will receive a gift from someone you did not expect. You never had a good friendship with this person, and you will regret of this. From now on, a formal friendship will be created.

A person who somehow took advantage of some of your friendships, will try to take advantage of you.

Maire K.

It is time for you to demand compensation for something that made you a person. Someone months ago did you something bad, and justice must be done once and for all. You are entitled to compensation.

A man of your surroundings will surprise you with a bold proposition.

Economically stable year, with favorable luck in games of chance.

Nicola Farquhar

You will have the opportunity to pay a debt (a purchase, loan, face purchase, credit …) faster than you expected. The economic aspect this year is going to evolve in your favor without a doubt.

You appreciate the freedom too much to let yourself be dominated by others. Therefore your social or loving relationships should not be characterized by submission, otherwise you will end up feeling imprisoned. It is worth distancing yourself from those who pretend to direct your life.



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