Find the tarot card and receive a reading

Find the tarot card and receive a reading. There are 22 major arcana there, you have to find where is “the world” card in a Intuitive exercise. You have a 4% more or less to find the number wich host the card. That is a low percentage of probability, however, you can use your “sixth sense” to increase the percentage”. Also I will give you some hints.

If you find the number where the card is hidden, you will receive a free tarot card reading. Also, it will mean you will be lucky this summer and you have clairvoyance and a great sixth sense developed.

Find the tarot card and receive a free reading

The world” is a positive card with a positive meaning. If you want to increase your intitution, just think in positive, block your negative emotions. It is very important to have inner calm. This is because negative emotions such as fear, rancor, anger, stress or sadness block the intuitive channel.

This is the card of “the world”.

tarot card the world

Focus in the image, try to approach your mind.

Develop all the Senses. Your intuitive ability depends on the proper handling of the senses. The development of the 5 senses will help you to develop also the sixth, the intuition.

Exercise to be aware of the present moment, the here and now, the world around you, the life you are living.

Close your eyes and analyze the sensations that come to you through your skin. Visualize the card and try to approach to the right number where the card is.


  • All the Major Arcana are numbered. “The world” has a number wich doesn´t correspond the number of the picture.
  • The card is NOT in the four corners. This increase significantly your chances of success.

I´m not goint to tell you more hints… use your intitution. You will receive a tarot card reading if you do the right things. Good luck and blessings.



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