Full moon prayer and ritual

In full Moon you can make simple rituals to the mother Moon, asking her enlighten you with his wisdom and reveal your hidden side. Remember that prayer is the bond that unites with the higher planes and with our inner self. When you pray you are talking to the divinity. When you improvise it doesn’t matter if the conversation is long or short, what matters is what we feel. Then we put some sentences of Wiccan origin, you can write your own and let the same mother Moon inspire you.

The Full Moon prayer to make wishes

“Wonderful Lady of the Moon,” you are who welcome at dusk, with silver kisses. Lady of the night and of all the magics, who travels through the clouds in blackened skies, she pours light on the cold Earth.

Oh, moon Goddess, the Crescent, who makes and unravels shadows, revealing past and present mysteries. Who draws the seas and governs women. Lunar mother, infinitely wise, I welcome your heavenly Jewelin the growing of your powers”, with a rite in your honor.

“Mother Moon that you live at night, that you wrap us with your silver rays, Lady of Silence and darkness, you show us the way to enlighten us the earth upon which to walk, now that you’re at the top of your power we give you honors.

Ward off from us any kind of evil, it protects those we love, neutralizes our enemies. Give us peace, health and prosperity.”

How to make a wish for the full moon

This Full moon ritual will help you realize your dreams. It’s easy and fast to perform. All you need is some coins, no matter the value (we recommend small and light coins).

How to do it?

1.-Go to an open space during a full moon night. Do it in a place where no one can disturb you. Place yourself in the direction of the moon.

2.-Hold the coins in your hand. Pronounce clearly: “You have said so, when you are near the prayers are answered and the chains break.” “You promised all desires will come true.”

3.-Visualize in your mind what you want. Say your wish aloud. Then, tosses the coins to the full moon. You must say: “Please accept this token of my love while your silver light shines high.” “Please bring to me what I ask of you for the darkest night and the brightier morning.”

4.-Thanks to the moon. Retire knowing that the desire will be granted to you.

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