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Tarot card reading for Jephil L


Judgement: You will start 2017 a little bad economically, but as soon as the time pass by that bad streak end. You must expand your social life to have better job opportunities and entrepreneurship.

The hanged man: If you have sentimental partner, it is possible that you have a small crisis, but in the end, your relationship will be stronger. If you are single, if you should think very well if your new friends worth or not.

The moon: Do not deprive of anything. Do anything that makes you feel alive. It is important that you get positive energy.
Tarot reading for Rania Sam:


Emperor: This card reveals that your love was steady and true, and both were deeply in love. However a number of circumstances make you distanced.

Sun: If you want your partner back, you must express naturally. You have to listen one each other, although the process lead time.
Pope: However, this letter indicates that there was a lack of trust, respect and love between you and your ex. It is possible that this series of events made him to look for another person, but if it occurs, is no serious relationship.




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