I ching online, one of the most powerful oracles ever

The I ching is a millennial book that can be used as a way of predicting the future, and also as a philosophical practice. It is one of the oldest books still preserved. Consult our oracle to know your future and analyze your life. I ching is based on the principle of yin yang. It represents the female and the male respectively.

The yang is interpreted by a solid continuous line; While the yin does it with two short dashed lines. 3 interpretations form a triangle and the two triangles form a hexagon that will interpret eight situations.

 I ching, divinatory and philosophical instrument

To determine which principle add to the oracle you will have to throw 3 Chinese coins; which two of themshow the same side will determine the beginning.

Before you throw the coins, you should think carefully about a question that focuses on you and not on others. Example: You should not ask “Do you love me Peter?” But “is it going to change my love life?”.

The questions should be clear and concise

The story tells that the Chinese people created the compass to be able to orient themselves in the physical terrain; And they invented the I ching to guide themselves spiritually. It is necessary to meditate carefully on the interpretation given by the oracle to avoid misunderstandings and ambiguity. If you want to complement this with the tarot to get more accuracyThe more you ask to the oracle I ching you will see that you interpret your results better; which will help you to understand your answers more. You will find the exact answers to the questions that have been asked or tell you the exact path you have to follow. Above all, you will realize that this oracle knows you as much as you do. You can use our I ching as many times as you wish.

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