Leo horoscope 2017, this zodiac has the strongest personality

The next year for the Leo horoscope 2017, all born under the influence of this zodiac, received much energy from both Saturn and Uranus; Two planets possessing considerable force. This means that throughout the year they will bring new good things to you. Surely in the sentimental area and also very original ideas.

This year the Leo zodiac receive a planetary influence that will bring much more coherence and sense of order, and everything will be directed very constructively. This means that if last year Leo was disorganized in general, this year everything will work well structured.

Leo horoscope 2017 will have the strength that characterizes this sign of the zodiac

Patience and tenacity will help you to initiate the most appropriate actions, although uranus give us innovation and maintains and promotes the creativity. This year will be very positive. Especially for everything related to work, studies and business. Especially if Leo has an open mind and lets his creativity expand in order to take advantage of all the possibilities that are presented.

Economically everything will be fine

Perseverance is an attribute to those born under the sign of Leo. This 2017 will begin to canalize positive energy both for you and for their environment. Leo therefore will have more progress; As development personal-professional evolution and even social but based on a lot of patience and tenacity.

Your couple will have to be comprehensive with you

In the sentimental area this influence will have an ambiguous character. On the one hand you will stay strong as a good Leo 2017 horoscope, and energetic in all personal aspects, In other words, it will be impossible to change your mind as a good Leo with your proud character.

If you already have a sentimental partner established before the start of the year, this first quarter is not a good time to take on more commitments; So put a brake on the commitments that your proposes proposes to you. You have to make time for other, more important things. This may lead to discussions without too much importance. If you want, you can use the tarot to have more accuracy.

Your mood will decay

So much stress produced by those personal matters that will appear; Some related to the family and others with other aspects, you will end up tired and decayed. You will have to be strong.

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