What your eye color says about you, psychic reading of your personality

1 Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes are very communicative. Even if they are shy, they feel the need to be socializing with people, as well as experiencing new challenges and experiences. These people are adventurous,  like trips, if it can be somewhere exotic. Also practicing sports in nature.

They like the tranquility and get away from the conflicts and discussions, but if there is no alternative will face the problem decisively.

They do not like to receive criticism, since they are proud people of themselves and try to be perfectionists in what they do, also are very dedicated and serious in their work.

psychic reading personality 2 brown eyes

They are sensitive people who hide that sensitivity, but when they are with someone have confidence to show it. They don’t like loneliness and need to love and be loved equally.

They don’t like injustice, try to help others whenever they can. Often worry more about the problems of others more than their own, but this makes them receive many favours returned from other people and are very dear in their environment.

These people like to take the initiative in any aspect of life, they do not like to wait or take the initiative for them.

3 Green Eyes

People see you as someone mysterious and attractive, the people with gree eyes are the less common eye color, and that makes you stand out from the rest.

Cautious and intelligent people. They are very reflexive, also preffer to observe more than to participate, when they participate is because they know what action to take. To know how to find a solution to their problems quickly and do not let the problems accumulate.

They do not like to be tried to manipulate or the toxic people. The people with green eyes try to alienate every negative person in their life.

Are social people who also like to spend time in solitude reflecting from time to time. They like stability and just get out of the routine when they know that some plan is going to report a lot of positivity.

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