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Welcome to the daily draw of tarot card readings. Do you want a personalized card reading, with a picture showing the result with your interpretation and your name, Leave a comment below asking for the reading simply, you do not have to do more.

When we make your readings, we will quote your name so you will get a notification on facebook to see the interpretation in this web.

We will not be able to attend all the requests but we will try to make the readings to all that request.

These readings are completely free and you do not have to give any personal data of yours.

Julie Hall

A person will spread a lie about you. This person will tell it everything around you. Do not worry, the people will support you.

You have to be careful with the emotions and the expenses. You will tend to have an impulsiveness to make big purchases or whims when you are in a good mood. Otherwise, the economy will be stable if you take control of the impulsivity.

Be careful about blood and gland diseases. Besides, you may be too stressed or work too hard that you have insufficient rest.

Gemma Hall

You will have to be firm with a person that you will meet in the future. This person will make you propositions of love. You will not be interested in this person, but this person will continue.

A couple will rejoin. These two people have been separated for some time. They are two stubborn people and this is mainly what broken the relationship.

There will be an event that willharm a person with whom you misbehave. This will comfort you, do not feel bad, this person deserve it.

In money, overall, you will just have enough to spend but not for any extravagance.

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