Runes reading

Runes reading Number 1

Someone in your family is going to have a better quality of life. He/she will get a better position and better paid, or will get some kind of prize, you will all be proud of her/him.

A person would like to take your place. If this person had the chance to steal it, this person would. Feel envy towards you and your lifestyle. When you join him/her you do not show unpleasant with you.

Your health, stability, tranquility, there will be a resurgence of vital energy. You will want to do many activities and a lot of vitality. Good mood rest of the year.

Number 2

Predict excesses, temptations, recklessness and impulsive decisions, it could be dangerous for your vital balance.

The rest of the year you will reaffirm your personality and do whatever he is happy so far. An important person will appear, attracted by your change of attitude and optimism, that person will feel tempted to enter your life.

Economically there will be no significant changes for you.

Number 3

Your ability to always consider the problems of other people makes you the ideal counselor. It will help to solve the problems of other people, and will serve to be much appreciated among the people and will have new friendships, that will return you those favors with more.

Favorable time for all legal acts, administrative procedures, luck in games of chance and favorable situations.

This is a year in which life goes on serenely, without too much fuss. Some discomfort in health and slight illness of some family member but nothing serious.

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