Choose one spiritual tarot card

Card 1: The spiritual tarot tells that you will have the opportunity to regain your hope and faith.

Inspiration is on offer to you right now. Your motivation is being restored and you will believe in the future again. You will understand how a situation played out the way it did, realizing your strength and seeing the right way. You can finally see the light at the end, so to speak and knowing peace and harmony is yours once again.

Let your love flow quickly and hold nothing back. Open your heart and mind, and spread the wealth. You can relax, you have earned it. To know more click here

Card  2: The spiritual tarot indicates the potential to manifest your desires and emotions.

When your vision and actions are in sync you can create miracles! This card represents the law of attraction. Your thoughts are energy which creates your reality, for good or bad.

Be very mindful of what it is you tell yourself over and over, that is what will come back to you. Make your thoughts positive to attract positive. To know more click here

Card  3:  It indicates taking a break and some much needed rest and relaxation.
You have experienced some mental stress and your mind, body and soul are craving recuperation. Do not push the envelope if you are in serious need to heal. Taking time out alone to contemplate, examine your motives and get in touch with your inner voice is being called for now.

This is a time for quiet preparation, tying up loose ends, and getting ready for the future. For some of you this card may be advising you to keep some new idea to yourself for now allowing the idea to grow in your mind before sharing it. Sometimes it indicates a vacation away from daily stress.” To know more click here

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