Tarot card reading 1

Tarot card reading 1 The strenght

You put all your strength to get ahead. And this arcane tells you that you won’t let them drag you into situations you don’t want to have. And less to decide on something that you don’t want.
Be careful and stay away from those who want to manipulate you. It represents the dominion of the passions and the defeat of the low impulses, as well as the supremacy of intelligence.

The world

You will get what you deserve, if you are able to defend it. It symbolizes light, knowing what to do, is the opportunity you have in this existence to be happy. This card shows the process of receiving the highest cosmic inspirations and the emergence of impulses that generate ideas in the material field. What in the past was but a vague impression, now takes form. Selfishness and anxiety can be abandoned because the strength of spiritual transformation reveals the lack of sense of our personality masks and the limitations of every insignificant individual.

The Star

Congratulations, you found the 4 leaf clover. You will be the next months.

Is good time to start a new life, that is, leave the negative things aside and improve the positive. It is also a good time for couples to talk about the things that everyone feels, wants and expect from the relationship, so that they get to understand each other better. If you’ve been thinking about formalizing your sentimental relationship is a very propitious time to do so. Maybe you go through a stage in your working life in which you are struggling to achieve your goals and that is very good, as you will soon see the results of your effort and all thanks to the good decisions you have made. Remember, good things won’t come fast. Enjoy the way and the experiences you have during the trip.

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