🔮tarot reading for October 7

Welcome to the tarot reading for October 7 and 8, today the tarot of the fairies  will help guide you on your astral door so you can get answers to your questions. October is a crucial month to prepare a trouble-free and happy year-end.

Celtic fairies represent beings like angels who help and guide us in life. This tarot is famous because it is sincere and accurate, it is very accurated. With the help of this free card reading you will know what the future holds for you this month and the following.

Focus your mind now thinking about something positive for the next few days, select the cards you want and you will receive a prediction of this card of the fairy where you will receive her help to face challenges and problems. Then choose 3 cards:

If you’re having a hard time, these tiny beings called fairies could send us their help in forms of signs. This oracle will make a connection between you and them so that you receive and understand their messages.

They send us messages in the form of listening to a jingle bell, smelling a very pleasant fragrance that you do not know where it comes from, feeling a pleasant presence, but many times you are not aware and do not receive those messages. With this esoteric medium you can create a connection with them.

It is advisable to read their messages that you are in a state of relaxation, without distractions, the feet glued to the ground and watching carefully the result of your interpretation or prediction. You will receive a prediction about important matters in your life.

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