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Kelly Toal

It is time for you to demand compensation for something that made you a person. Someone months ago did you something bad, and justice must be done once and for all. You are entitled to compensation.

A man of your surroundings will surprise you with a bold proposition.

Economically stable year, with favorable luck in games of chance.

Carol Brine

A person tries to influence you in a decision. He wants to influence you either because he can benefit from it, or just envy, because he wants that you choose wrong, so that person feel good.

This summer will be good for you (love and money above all), and this will attract the envy of people, even people you thought they were good friends. Be discreet and do not need to tell how good is your life if you are having good economy or similar, to other people.

In health you will have a couple of problems but it will not be anything serious.

Catherine Lentini Brown

I see signifies melancholy, disappointment, and worry. You will be in a vague situation with unknown conclusion. Be careful of being pessimistic or too obsessed with things in the past rather than looking at the existing opportunity. You can attract bad luck if your are pessimistic. If you are positive, you will attract good luck. Stop worrying.

Your financial situation is not as good as you want, but it is not bad, though you still have enough money to pay in time and even travel. For love, you will be disappointed by your lover, nothing serious.


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