Tarot row 1


You chose the tarot row 1. You are being urged to go on a quest of a new adventure and expand your horizons. This may require you to leave the secure behind to search for greater possibilities. Become visionary and start planning ahead. Demonstrate leadership and assume a responsible position. You may be asked to show others the way, set an example or act as a representative.

Those tarot cards suggests being extremely receptive and sensitive to the mysteries of the unknown. By allowing your intuition to guide you will become aware of a larger reality at play in your current situation. You are being asked to look beyond the obvious by seeking answers from within. You may be sensing a hidden talent from within which you can develop. You may even remember something important during this time by remaining calm and patient.

You will be given the opportunity to experience joy, enthusiasm, optimism, vitality and assurance. Clarity will be yours and a new level of insight and truth can be realized. You can now achieve prominence and be recognized for your achievements. You are being asked to honor your true self, believe in your worth and trust in your abilities. You may have your own personal moment of glory where you are center of attention. If you need to forgive yourself, don’t wait any longer, forgive yourself now! The Sun card always represents a YES to a burning question.

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