Tarot row 2


You chose tarot row 2. Confidence and a sense of security are important. You are a nurturer who gives love and support. You will create a warm and secure environment and you always have an open door with a welcome smile for the people. You are loyal, trustworthy and steadfast. You will always keep confidences and secrets to others, you are a person to trust. They can trust on you to keep your word. You have a bond with children, with animals and nature, that makes you connect with them and understand them better. Obstacles do not slow you down, you’re too practical and versatile for that.

It is a time to experience good will, act kindly and share what you have with loved ones. You need to be grateful and feel blessed for the friendships you have acquired. You may receive a gift during this time. Someone from your past may reappear, or you are drawn to nostalgia and memories of childhood. Appreciate the simple joys of life now and surround yourself with goodness will attract the luck.

It´s a time of transitioning. This includes a journey, moving from one place to another or changing locations, or simply travel a few weeks. Or maybe a total change of habits starting a new life, new friendships, new job. You may be feeling like you are picking up the pieces or because there are something of you that are asking for it. This is a choice you are making to move towards a more positive place where you soon will start to feel hope again.

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