Weekly oracle, you should know many surprises that will make you happy

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD 1: Finally, something that you have been waiting for a long time will arrive. This can be materialized in many aspects; You or someone from your family could receive money, a new love, new friendships or work, etc.

You have forgotten a problem by some time and you are going to be at a crossroads. You will need to make a decision soon, and do it with sincerity. Think about what is best for you and for others. Maybe you are going to hurt someone with that decision, but it will be the right thing because there will be no alternative.

According to your weekly oracle, a person of your environment is not being honest with you; and you will have to distrust. It is about someone older in whom you trust more or less.


The weekly oracle tells us that a family member is going to be lucky and he/she will bring money to home. This will benefit everyone equally, if your family has gone through bad economic times, it is going to end.

Do not be scared when problems arise. You are more capable and strong than you think, because you underestimate yourself too much. You have everything you need to overcome the obstacles that arise, so do not give up. Go for it. Increasingly you are stronger and more capable.


The weekly oracle tells you that you may find yourself in a few days in a situation where you will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. But you must not be afraid, good will be above evil, you can act without fear, you will be right.

Your intuition is correct and all the decisions that you have to make, both in problems that arise and in order to choose something positive, will be correct.

There will come a stage where you will have many ideas and creativity. You will feel very safe facing your personal life, professional, etc, and your thoughts and obsessions will stop being your enemy

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