What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About You

1 Lying on your back, stretched

These people are quiet and reserved. They are also demanding and have great aspirations. Eight percent of the participants slept with the soldier’s posture.

These are people who feel very comfortable talking and sharing with others, and with a high dose of openness to new experiences.

It is also true that they have a tendency to be more susceptible and uneasy than usual. They do not accept criticism or limit situations.

2 Fetal position

The people who sleep in the position of the fetus are usually giving a social image of confident and staid people, but are, in fact, sensitive.

They may be shy when they do not know the people around them, but they quickly become uninhibited and like to express themselves without taboos. This posture is the most observed in the study, since more than 40% of the 1000 participants of the research adopt it to sleep. To see the other positions press “next page”