Which moon do you choose?

Tonight there will be full moon. It is a special full moon called pink full moon. The Angels have a special Full moon message for you tonight.
Take a few moments to surround yourself with peaceful protection… Breathe deeply…think in the most important of your life, ask your Angels which moon is meant for you.

Which moon do you choose?

Your message will appear this afternoon (Angel time)
If you feel guided to share… please do it.
Have a beautiful day and beautiful night …and enjoy connecting with your Angels!!!

Happy Full Pink moon from tarotcardreading.biz.

If you choose the moon number 1.

If you choose the moon number 2

If you choose the moon number 3

If you choose the moon number 4

As I look up into the night sky. This Full Pink Moon will shine brilliantly over the horizon next to the stars. Then I pause to notice the beauty of the Angels upon me. They illuminate their blue aura in the night sky. Next to the moon. Amazing my heart opens up to Release and let go of all my worries and fears.

If this reading match with you, please share



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