When choosing the aNGEL candle for peace and harmony, you will experience a calming and serene energy that envelops your surroundings. You will feel a deep sense of tranquility and balance in your mind and emotions.

This candle will remind you of the importance of cultivating inner peace and seeking harmony in all areas of your life. As the flame of the candle shines, you will notice how tensions and worries dissipate, making way for serenity and mental clarity.


When choosing the Angel candle for wisdom and enlightenment, you will be graced with profound mental and spiritual clarity. The flame of this candle will guide you towards new knowledge and understanding, allowing you to see situations from a higher perspective.

This candle serves as a reminder that true wisdom comes from within and that you have the ability to access deeper knowledge. As the candle burns, you will feel your path illuminated, inspiring you to seek truth and expand your inner wisdom.


When choosing the Angel candle for protection and healing, you will be enveloped in a protective and healing energy. This candle will provide you with a sense of security and assist you in healing any physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects that require attention.

The flame of the candle acts as a shield of protection, dissipating negative energies and purifying your space. As the candle shines, you will feel renewed and strengthened, ready to face any challenge with confidence and serenity. This candle serves as a reminder of your innate ability for self-healing and invites you to trust in your inner power.

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