Angel feather oracle


You work hard in many areas of life to achieve your goals. Even if you feel dizzy at times, your efforts will soon pay off. This will be reflected in your economy or work.

However, you cannot achieve all of your goals, and you may feel discouraged by missed goals. Don’t let it affect your mood, because you could even get sick. In your love life, be routine and be still.


You are a very active and sociable person. These months will provide you with an environment so that you can develop all your communication skills. People will admire and love you. You will have the joy of sharing with your family. Anyone will benefit equally.

You will be able to face difficulties and you will have great chances of success. Even if you think you can’t solve the problem, don’t give up.


A negative energy is surrounding you. Maybe someone around you has bad thoughts about you or is jealous of you. Try to push away people who are not suitable for you, because this negative energy will affect your love life.

The feather speaks of the virtue of patience. You will work hard in certain areas to improve the situation that will eventually arise. But in the process you will lose money. In terms of health, no major changes are expected.

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