🇦🇷 Argentinian TAROT

This April we have argentinian tarot for you. The most famous in that country was the one created by Xul Solar, an artist, lover of esoterics and astrology, who created a deck of several tarot cards with amazing predictive power.

Many new features await you this start to the month, and what better than this surreal-style tarot deck to bring you all the surprises that await you. There will be some negative news for some signs, but for others they will be positive.

Discover now this wonderful tarot never before seen that we bring you for you in scoop. The cards have a very deep meaning based on astrology and very predictive occultism. Now pick your cards

This artist also devoted himself to painting and pursued the quest to attain universal knowledge. He also created a couple of languages. This cartomance deck specializes in short- and medium-term visions of the future.

Xul solar gave great importance to reading the tarot in a state of extreme relaxation and meditation, concentrating on breathing while reading the meaning of the cards, in order to obtain a more accurate and accurate result.

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