The Buddhist tarot will reveal if you will be lucky in life or not

Card 1: The Buddhist tarot tells you that the answers you were waiting for, will come soon. Meanwhile, it will be a time to be prudent and think things through.

You have to think about new responsibilities and reflections in your life, you will have to prepare yourself to make the right decisions.

If you maintain an optimistic and positive mood, success and your health will increase enormously, but you will have to be persistent in that mood.

The tarot card indicates among other things, a period of renewal, to start over again a failed purpose, when there was a staging point, to do things right by correcting past mistakes and achieving your goal

Card 2

The Buddhist tarot says that you will experience an exclusive luxury within a short time and you will feel lucky. It is a luxury that few people can try. This will not change your life but the way of thinking, you could attract luck.

There will be some positive event that you did not expect and new possibilities for improvement in your life will open up for you. Do not hesitate and take advantage, it may not happen again.

You will receive the peace you are seeking. You will have the control of your life again and feel that the problems are finally happening. You will feel that your life finally achieves that harmony and peace that you have fought so hard to have.

Card 3

The Buddhist tarot announces that a dream you had will come true in part. You will not be able to get everything you have in the dream, but you will have enough to enjoy it. You will feel very satisfied and fulfilled.

This tarot card indicates that by chance of fate, the following weeks luck will be on your side. Take the opportunity to try to always do what you want. Although you will not be able to achieve everything, I am sure that a large part can do it.

You will correct a bad habit in your life. You have been trying for a long time to avoid that bad habit (sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, etc), and this year will be where you finally get over it and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

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