This card spread that will reveal a positive and a negative point of your life

CARD 1: The card spread tells that lately you have a lot of desires to spend money on whims that you know that are unnecessary. You will be under some stress thinking of to make that extravagance or not. Be careful because you could have financial problems if you buy those whims according to the tarot.

Now it’s time to make good deals with people. These tarot cards tell you that you can trust in most of the people you know and it will be a favorable time for interactions with people, even new loves may arise; and there will be a good social life. Enjoy the moment because this moment may be passing by.

Card 2

Your tarot card says that a new responsibility will come to your life. It is something new, that will change your life a little. Although it is a new responsibility, it will bring you many blessings and joys.

A negative cycle of your life is about to end according to this reading, and with its end a new phase of your life will come. The obstacles will be left behind and you will be able to breathe easy. The following months will be quiet, you can rest and relax at last.

You are a very open person and you make the mistake of sincere with anyone. In your environment there is a toxic person who rejoices when you tell him/her something negative of your life. Do not be so open to everyone.

Card 3

This card spread tells you that it is possible that a negative energy is going to surround you, but do not give it much importance, it is not what it sounds like. This will materialize in some bad habit, or an undesirable person who feels envious towards you; or speaks negatively of you towards others. You will have a somewhat uncomfortable experience, but in return you will get wisdom that will help you not have that problem anymore.

Not everything will be bad, luck will accompany you in some aspect of your life, you must guess which one is. But you will have to make merit to know it, you will be able to reach some goal in which you strive to achieve. Everything will depend on the effort you put to achieve it.

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