Your oracle says that someone in your environment will need advice because they will have some problem. You will know what advice he/she needs to solve their problems, you will also be surprised of your own knowledge and you,ll realize your worth.

You must make a decision on a matter that is important, it will not be bad, calm. Do not be in a hurry to make decisions when it is relevant. Previously you made a bad decision because you decided too fast. If you take the time to think about that decision, the resolution will be correct.

A person you know deserves to be recognized and thanked for everything he/she has done for you.


Your Celtic oracle tells us that you will need to receive some advice. It is important that you consider the ideas of someone you know, sometimes you do not consider him/her seriously, and this person can have good advice for you.

Something is blocking you in your life. It materializes in a person; or a habit and it will distance you from your success. You must remove this person, influence or habit from your life, only choosing this way you will achieve success.

Someone in your environment is fixing their eyes on you. Maybe this person is not to your liking completely, but maybe has something very interesting that brings you many life experiences.


The Celtic oracle tells that there will be an occasion to meet a person who will become very important to you. Soon it will be the first contact, later you will have common projects.

You have missed a couple of possibilities that gave you the life and you did not notice. There will be more; you must be attentive to the doors that will open and act as they come. Soon you will notice it.

Sometimes you underestimate yourself too much. You compare yourself to someone around you who has a lot of everything; and you forget everything you have done and built yourself throughout your life. Take a look back and realize on all the happiness you have given and received much greater than that others; the family you have built, and you will see how you do not look so bad.

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