🌝Celtic runes 2022

We are beginning a difficult period of the year and it is a good idea to consult the Celtic runes to receive predictions of your future for this year. Centuries ago the Celtic people used these runes to make important decisions and receive predictions.

This rune oracle will answer specific questions you have about money, love, health or work. It is one of the most complete on the internet as well as being precise and accurate. It is recommended to use in a state of relaxation and tranquility.

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These Celtic runes are written in an ancient alphabet dating back centuries, over 100 years after Christ, where they were used to receive predictions and perform magical rituals. Centuries laterthe runes are still used due to their high efficiency and accuracy. As you can see the illustrations are enigmatic and attractive.

To make your rune reading it is recommended not to have distractions around you, breathe deeply, visualize what you want to achieve in your life or problems that you want to be solved.

There are people who claim that the runes are more powerful than the tarot as a means of divination. The ideal is that you complement both to obtain more powerful predictions, on this website you can find all kinds of tarots and oracles for specific topics.