đź””Choose your crystal Healing

Crystal number 1

This stone is widely used for meditation, as it provides relaxing properties ideal for meditating and visualizing your luck and wisdom. It also provides balance, improves communication between loved ones and avoids arguments.

It is considered one of the minerals of joy and abundance, if you want to attract it it is convenient to have one nearby. Strengthen our spirit and ward off diseases. Increases self-confidence in order to achieve more and more achievements and goals. It helps to get to know us better and to know your internal values.

Crystal number 2


This gemstone is a powerful amplifier that purifies energies and drives away negatives. Just by having this stone in your living room, it will cleanse the energies and increase the good ones, it will also remove the negative energy that you have stagnant in some area of ​​your body.

This stone connects emotions and helps to make good deals, to ward off scams and people who do not suit you because it is toxic for you. It also makes you feel more energy every day, you are more animated and willing to take over the world.

3 Crystal number 3


Psychologically it is beneficial for shy people, it helps them to get ahead and dare to do what they did not dare before. Increases self-esteem, willpower and confidence.

Mentally it removes distractions and helps you pay full attention to what you want, thus being able to take out any project that you propose. It keeps you away from sudden temptations such as infidelity, gambling, financial waste and bad deals.

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