The oracle of the crystal healing that will improve your life

1 Amethyst

This is a crystal healing that creates confidence in yourself and has properties to attract abundance. It is also a protector at all levels. Especially it is positive to protect us against the attack of toxic people to avoid manipulating us, and keeps our aura purified.

It will animate us optimistically towards life, to wake up wanting to face the day even if you have problems and put a solution quickly.

In terms of relationships and love, this mineral will block negative energy avoiding arguments for any reason, infidelity or routine.

It helps to purify the body when there are toxins. To improve colds and wounds.

2 Blue Fluorite

Blue fluorite is a powerful mineral. It emits a strong energy that will protect your home. This stone is also one of the most effective absorbing negative energies, if you take it with you, you will avoid negative events. It is also capable of transforming that negative energy into positive energy.

If you like to meditate, this crystal will help you meditate better, it will increase our awareness and concentration making your meditations more successful.

It is a great ally to reduce the pain and discomfort you suffer. Have one by your side and you will feel relieved. It will also help you sleep better at night.

3 Red calcite

It is a very spiritual crystal healing, which will improve our intuition and concentration, making us find a solution to the problems that arise in our lives faster and more effectively.

This crystal that also is useful to eliminate thoughts and negative events of our life.

A mineral that will help us to have better habits, whether to do more exercise or improve your diet; and to avoid physical and mental fatigue

An enormously spiritual stone that improves psychic abilities and natural intuition. Thanks to these qualities will increase your motivation and drive to perform challenges, you will feel more energized.

It is also useful to balance your life when there is a drastic change in your life and you do not finish adapting; How could it be a move or have a pregnancy, etc.

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