😜Your TAROT reading for today

Get your daily  tarot . This MOON tarot is important to reveal what will happen in your life when a SPECIAL full moon that soon will happen, as it will bring many surprises to your life.

Problems will arise for some Horoscopes, but tarot cards will help you find solutions to correct them. And for other horoscopes you’ll receive blessings, unexpected calls for good, interesting adventures, and more news you’ll see below.

This tarot deck consists of 21 moons representing Menor Arcana in their own way, which are very powerful to glimpse your destiny in aspects such as money, love, work or health. Then start choosing your cards:

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If you wish you can throw the cards more times than once, but remember that the first is the one that your destination is shown as such most successful. It is recommended as always, to concentrate and read the prediction carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

The next full moon will project a special blue light that will give you infinite energies to get out of your troubles. In turn it will be the smallest full moon of the last 5 years! Definitely a phenomenon that you should not let go without trying to shine in your life.

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