⭐ The Amazing Tarot of ELVES

In this fantastic tarot of Elves you will find this amazin creatures or goblins from all the cultures and countries of the world. Each Elf will represent a country or something belonging to some ancient culture, and it will have a very revealing meaning for your future

You’ve never seen anything like this Tarot of Elves

The elves as we know them, are magical creatures, with a height of no more than one meter, with large and long ears, often greenish skin or humanoid skin like us. They are credited with being forest keepers, element and nature caregivers and being naughty, they like to hide and play with us in hiding.

In this oracle below there are 22 cards which you can see goblins or elf of all the cultures of the world such as Leprechaun belonging to Irish folklore, the Elf Lutín belonging to French folklore, the elf Nisse who we associate with Christmas culture, and many others!! Then choose 2 cards and receive a Reading:

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This wonderful oracle will give us the guide of our life necessary to predict your future in a way full of fantasy and mysticism, due to the ancient wisdom and great sympathy created by these charming magical beings through the legends.

If you like goblins this is your oracle! Because if you believe in these mythical beings and the tarot cards, the Prediction will be more accurate and reliable. Elves are also called gnomes and they are supposed to live between our world and theirs not far away from ours, but very occasionally let themselves be seen!

Fairies are also considered goblins, however we have not included them in this deck, but you can use our fairy oracles in other sections of our website. If you like fantasy worlds we have many tarots of fantastic worlds, like this oracle of unicorns or fairies or new age tarot.

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