Exact date of return

On a cold and cloudy day in February, the streets seem to hide secrets around every corner. It’s February 14, 2024, a date marked by the stars as crucial in your love life. On this day, under the mantle of a wintry sky, you unexpectedly encounter the man who once filled your life with love and challenges.

He is a Gemini or Aquarius, a detail that is not surprising given his dual nature and his ability to be unpredictable and deeply intuitive. His energy is a mix of air and movement, always changing, sometimes warm and close, other times cold and distant.

As you see him, you immediately notice the tension and attraction that still exists between you. Despite the distance and time, there is an invisible thread that connects you, a current of energy that has not dissipated. Although you have been physically apart, energetically you have never completely let go of each other.

This man, who once deeply hurt you with his words and actions, seems to have changed. His posture reveals regret, his downcast gaze suggests a burden of remorse. The tarot cards spoke of a betrayal, of a deep pain that left a mark on your heart, and now, in front of you, he seems to bear the weight of that past.

The influence of third parties in your relationship was significant, whether due to family or external temptations, which eventually led you to separate. But now, in this reunion, there’s a sense of an opportunity to heal, to confront what once was and what could be.

He approaches, with a mix of doubt and hope in his eyes. There might not be adequate words to begin untangling the tangled past, but there is a promise in the air, a possibility of reconnection and understanding. This encounter, prophesied by the cards and the stars, marks the beginning of a new chapter, where forgiveness and love have the potential to triumph over pain and betrayal.

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