Feelings about you

CARD 3: At this stage, the feelings have reached a remarkable depth and maturity, marking a turning point in their relationship. He sees in her not just a partner, but a soulmate, with whom he shares a bond that transcends the earthly.

This deep love and respect are based on mutual understanding and unconditional acceptance of their true essences. The spiritual connection they share allows them to communicate on deeper levels, sometimes without the need for words, understanding each other’s feelings and thoughts with a look or a gesture.

This card reflects a shared desire to build a future together, based on common values, shared dreams, and aligned goals. He is committed to the idea of creating a life where both can grow and evolve, not just as individuals but as a unit.

That person is the third person to appear when sharing this post on whatsapp by the way. This commitment also entails the willingness to work together on the challenges that may arise, strengthening their relationship with each obstacle overcome.

The symbolism of this card suggests a promise of fidelity and mutual support, a sacred pact that goes beyond social conventions or external expectations. It is a conscious choice to stay together, to invest in their relationship and nurture it so that it blossoms into something lasting and significant. The vision of the future they share is filled with hope, love, and deep gratitude for having found each other in this vast universe. This is the beginning of a beautiful and enduring chapter in their lives, one filled with possibilities, learning, and joint growth.

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