Pick 4 cards – Receive a complete Tarot reading

Here is your free tarot for TODAY. It is vitally important that you are focused at all time at this free psychic reading, taking slow and deep breaths while concentrating on the tarot cards.

The Major Arcana has an absolute precision to predict your future, that´s why maybe not all what you read will be positive. You should be ready for all.

It is advisable just before to do this 3 cards reading, that you visualize everything you can make yourself happy, your desires that you were looking for and want to be fulfilled with all your strength, and you are in a good mood. Also be in tranquility without distractions.

Sit down, then take a deep breath and choose with your finger 3 cards, you will get your Tarot Reading below

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If you want to contrast this free card spread with other types of tarot decks here you have lots of different types of tarots, with which you can get more information about your life and your near future. The tarot of the Angels is fundamental to contrast the results of this reading with this antoher one. Choose a card from the 3, and the Angels will give you an advice.

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