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Free tarot reading for this month with the most accurate deck ever; the marseille tarot. This deck comes from the middle ages and it has been the most studied tarot. Even today the people study their secret codes and the meaning of their illustrations.

This free tarot reading can predict the future, analize the past and present, and guide your life to improve it. It will be useful to choose a way to go on. It can solve love problems, get the job you wanted, earn money, etc.

You have to choose 3 cards, and it will show the interpretation of each one, which analize your life in all your aspects. Even in a three times periods: past, present and future.

Free tarot reading

You are about to use a powerful tool. Use it seriously, this is not a game. Don´t try to predict gambling games. You could know if your economic situation will be better, not the results of gambling games. What are you waiting for? Use this free tarot reading

To get more accuration check other kind of decks or oracles in this web. It´s also recommended to read a prayer to get more spiritual union.

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This card reading is made up 22 major arcana, which represents the most important qualities of life. The illustrations of the cards are the originals, like in the past. It were illustrated by the psychics from the middle age. The major arcana are full of hidden signs and meanings. Most of the versions of the tarot are derived from marseille tarot.

Don´t let your destination be unknown. Try to solve the problems of your life by anticipating them. You are a step away to be aware of all around you and the secrets of your life.

The Catholic Church banned the tarot in the fourteenth century for heresy, because of the possibility of predicting the future and the union of spirit. During the centuries was a feared tool, that´s why a lot of kings banned it to the population.

Get an answer for all your question like

  • is 2022 a lucky year
  • will i be lucky tomorrow or today
  • will aries, libra, scorpio, virgo, pisces be lucky tomorrow?
  •                                                                                                which zodiac or sign will be lucky in 2023?




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