Love spells to attract the person that really worth it

White magic has always been in presence with our existence. Love spells are part of it, because love is a positive aspect of our lives. On the other hand, if you want to perform these spells, you must be especially careful.

Some people remain skeptical and do not believe in this type of spells. However, just listen to a person who has succeeded in their love spells to know that they are 100% functional. To complement these spells, we suggest, if you want, visit our tarot of love

You must know that the love spells you will see below are part of the white magic. Black magic destroy the life of other people; What we are going to realize we do for love and to be happy.

This does not mean that you can use these spells to generate love afflictions towards someone or cause a break, because it could turn against you.

Basic love spells

To do this you will need:

  • A white container, such as a plate or a tray, but always white.
    A picture where you appear alone.
    Basilic. A few leaves.
    Some white candle
    A red ribbon.
    A dandelion. It will suffice with some leaves.

How it is performed

In the white tray, place your photo next to several leaves of basilic and others of dandelion. With honey, we cover both the leaves and the photo. Place the white candle next to the plate, and tie the red ribbon in the candle with 3 turns. We will light the candle with hope, and we will concentrate on the flame, transmitting your true love.

You will have to repeat the ritual for 7 days, once a day. In case there is not the desired effect, you will have to wait a few days and then repeat it.

How to spell to forget a lover

You will need 5 small stones from a river. Take a pan with a liter of water.

Put the stones in the pan and let them boil wth 1 liter of water fifteen minutes.

When that time has passed, turn off the heat, cover the pan with its lid, and let the water get cold a few minutes. Once you have done, think about the person you want to forget and drink the water.

This water will strengthen you and increase your energies, and you will forget that person.

Love spells with full moon

Our satellite increases our energies, our spirituality and our desires, especially in full moon. When there is a full moon it is an ideal time to perform this ritual.

It is one of the most powerful love spells. You have to have a sheet of paper, quartz, a knife with which you engrave the name that person you want to fall in love with. Write the name, light the candle, and after, focus your mind on the desire you want. You will feel that the Moon communicates with you and generates positive energy in you. Once you do this step, grind the quartz and apply around the neck.

These are the 3 most powerful love spells from witchcraft that I Remember.




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