Love tarot reading


Maria Hayes

It will be necessary a meeting to talk with your expartner to clarify many things that prevent you from returning with his partner. Both will have to put much of your effort; He more than you, the pride prevents you from solving that break.

He will not be totally convinced. And that will make you feel tempted to make no special effort to continue, in the end you will have to be the one to take more first steps.

You may face difficult situations in your back to the relation ship if it happen. You should reflect things very well. Remember that it is not about winning discussions, but about respecting the ideas of your partner and your partner with yours. Take advantage of each situation to prove your fidelity and correct your mistakes, because this sequence of discussions could trigger a break again. Above all, do not let yourself be influenced by the opinions of other people about your partner.

You had some bad moment with him when you were together, but finally the good moments prevail when you remember the relationship, because you both know what the true love is.

Maite G

It is no time to establish something serious relationship, and it is better this way. there are certain things that maybe you have not yet learned about love. Someone may appear but he is not the right person for you. Later on, you will be better prepared to know how to take advantage of that opportunity and will be able to value and build a stronger relationship with a man.

In medium term you will be prepared, and the circumstances will be appropiate. Leave negative things aside and improve positive ones.
It is also a good time for a couple to talk about the things that each one feels, wants and expects from the relationship, so that they can better understand each other. If you have been thinking about formalizing your relationship, it is a very propitious moment to do so

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