☯ Choose a CANDLE to receive an accurated TAROT READING

In this free oracle you will first have to choose a candle and then your favorite card. The fire of the candles has a power that protects us through its heat and light, which together with the color of  the candle it can do more powerful readings. Candles were used in divinatory rituals and sorcery for many centuries.

A good tarot reader would use candles in their card readings, because with his fire and colors she/he can better interpret the future of the consultant.

That is why in this tarot consultation you have to choose the candle that you prefer so that your READING is more complete, then you will have to choose only a tarot card with a major arcana meanings that will reveal part of your future

Then choose the candle that attracts you to receive your FREE TAROT


Remember that this oracle is not a game. Using candles is a powerful esoteric medium and you have to do it concentrated, with respect and tranquility. You should not think of anything negative, not even thinking to cause harm to someone.

When you click on the candle that you want, the meaning of its color and the relationship it will have with, your clairvoyance will appear. Each card will have a different meaning according to the candle you have chosen.