Make a wish to the Angels

Make a wish to the Angels, and the universe will give you. In essence, the universe and the Angels will make that wish come true.

The only thing that it is necessary, in order that everything works of the best way for us, we have to ask for it well. We have to establish a good communication with the universe and the Angels, in order that our request comes to them well.

You just have to follow 3 simple steps:

The First Step To make a wish to the angels

The first step to make a wish is, evidently, to ask for it. At first it should be an easy step. It is necessary to have very clear for what we ask, to whom we ask for it, and how we ask for it.

What we Ask for?

First of everything, we have to define clearly for what we want to ask. The problem is that often we do not know exactly what we want, right? Or we think that we want a thing and then it turns out that not is exactly what we expected; or we are changing opinion as the days pass.

To make a wish and that is fulfilled is very important to have very clear what we want and to be kept firm during a time. You should to ask what you want every day, stablish a routine all the days thinking in it. It is important be in good humour.

How to ask it

Third, when we ask the request, it is best to do with a natural tone. Do not beg for anything, nor demand anything. Stay in good humour; Simply inform the universe and the Angels of what we want with humility and love.

Prayer to the angels

“Mighty holy angels, who were granted by God for our protection and help, in the name of the most Holy Trinity we implore you”. Immediately ask whatever you want.


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