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card 1: The mediumship guidance tell you, from now on you must take command of your own situation and say the things firmly from your point of view, always.

You must be smarth enough to make steps forward to get your goals. From now on, you should to show that you can be practical and confident, while inspiring those around you with the enthusiasm and optimism. This way people will see you as an example to follow. Take chances when the stakes are high and be willing to face the life.

card 2:

This might be one of those days when you feel that you do not need anyone else around you, that you want to be left alone to deal with your own issues and rest. You want to forget your problems very soon. Although you might be faced with some challenges, you are asked to find new ways to get what you want, even if this involves taking a risk or being daring in your approach. This is not the best time to share what you know with others nor to be in two minds. You should pay attention to your own problems.

card 3:

Very soon, the mediumship guidance ask you to pay attention to what you say and what you think to see if your words and thoughts are somehow limiting your success and your progress. Do not be afraid to move forward, look at those things that make you feel bad, your fear can act as a blindfold that prevents you from seeing the truth. Negative thoughts can attract bad luck to you, so you should be positive, take back your power and change your point of view.

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