👼Message from the Heaven

Númber 741
You have created many wonderful things throughout your life, but sometimes you think you are not lucky, you don´t realize.

There are many achievements that you should be proud of, such as having created a home and a family. You have created the most valuable thing in life, and the Angels gave it to you.

Be sure that you are always watched by your guardian angels. If you have any concerns, you can also ask the Archangels for protection.

Message from the Angels

Number 319

The definitive result of a situation that you expected and is important for you is in your hands. Have confidence in yourself because the Angels are sending their light and their love, so that you can have a happy ending with a positive result. Just think of them often, focus on positive thoughts and let everything flow. This way you will get a good positive result. Do not forget to say “thank you” to the Angels after every achievement.

If you have been postponing a project or activity because you did not trust yourself, the message they send you, is that you do it now, the Angels will hug you to make everything go well.

Number 811

The message from the angels to you, is the one that have the answers are you, and these answers are within yourself. We all have an incredible gift that we can access at any time, it’s intuition. Most of the time, is the fear that blocks us or what makes us go wrong in making a decision.

This message from the Angels also tell us that now is the time to make their decision and move on. Your angels ask you to use that gift you have given, intuition, to seek answers within you and finally, you will be able move forward.

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