Monthly tarot, 3 good announces are waiting for you. Just choose a card

Monthly tarot, card 1: You should be patience with a goal that you have set on a social or economic level. Also, if you want to get the collaboration of certain people around you, you have to make some concessions that you personally judge very limiting. You have to respect a collective line of conduct, even if you disagree with it and you are convinced that it is not equitable for everyone.

Its objectives will be achieved if it is resistant to aggressive external forces. This major arcana represents the strength and unity that you can trust.

Tarot Card 2

A new beginning is coming. The card tells you that the day has come. It is a perfect time to take a step forward with that idea that has been in your head often and that excites you so much.

The monthly tarot has good news for love. If you’re waiting for love, don’t wait for it, go out and find that love that’s already waiting for you somewhere. If you´re waiting for a journey, if you are waiting to have the strenght to start doing some sport, diet, avoid excesses, etc. Just do it because there are a lot of power and will power inside you.

It’s moment you say what you wanted to say, and you don’t dare. Do it today. Wonderful things are coming. You have a lot of chances fo make your dreams come true.

Tarot card 3

The monthly tarot says that if a new opportunity appears or if you find a new path for you, it is normal to feel a bit of fear and be confused and dubious. Everything that is new and unknown for you, can trigger a high feeling of fear inside you. Today you have the choice to stop that fear that afraid you, to have the strenght enough to do the next step.



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