🌙Moon Tarot

Make now your tarot consultation for this month with our amazing moon tarot. This month is the beginning of a new lunar and astrological cycle which will be decisive for your life and here you will be able to see your predictions about many aspects of your life

It is crucial that at this time of year you realize new opportunities that arise to take advantage of them, to correct mistakes or avoid them, avoid bad business or expenses. The cards in this tarot will help you find a guide to your life here.

You’ll have to choose 3 cards that will be a variant of major arcana, which represent important meanings in your life, in this tarot variant. It is recommended to be in a state of tranquility. NOW PICK YOUR CARDS.


We’ve had a tough time, but this tarot reading will announce if there’s light at the end of the tunnel or not for you. It is important to know your tarot consult to better understand your past, present and future situation to get to know yourself better and improve your life.

This reading is very powerful because it creates a link between you and lunar energy, it is recommended to be in peace of mind, without distractions and to be focused to understand the interpretation well, which sometimes has double hidden meaning

The images you will see in this tarot are impressive, a clear link between the moon and people is shown, because according to the lunar phases, the moon will always offer us help.

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