🌙Moon Spiritual reading 🌖

1 Moon tarot

A new season of the year has arrived, if you choose the grey moon, in few months you will see how your income grow. It could be because of a job promotion, product of your efforts or a new responsability will allow them a good economic remuneration.

As for the sentimental, portend romantic relationships without many problems, playful love and without many worries. It can also indicate relationships without commitment or responsibility.

The doubts will clear with your partner and your union will solidify, so that your lives could change positively. You will live very beautiful moments and that could lead you to think about concretizing your relationship in marriage. In case you are already married, it will be a good time to think about increasing the number of family members.

2 Moon

You shouldn´t have to use some gambling, it is not the right way to increase finances. Your profits will begin to increase, as a result of job recognition or independent projects. You must be very prudent, because you will be prone to financial betrayals.

As for the sentimental, you will have a very passionate love. Moment very conducive to love and rapport with the couple in relationships already established.


The moon tarot says that your great planning ability and its ease to find the exit to all the disadvantages, will favor to you to carry forward your familiar economy. Increasing money from your efforts will allow you to fulfill all your postponed desires. Judgments that seemed lost, will come to light and will report extra money

It will be a good time to acquire assets that will increase their wealth and ensure the future. Economic prosperity will also bring you joy and happiness, which you must share with all their family. As for the sentimental, it is a wonderful moment for love, since there is great intensity in the feelings of the couple that fills you with happiness.

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