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AMULET1: The mystic oracle tells you that a process begins where you will start something that will bring positive news to your life.

This will bring a positive change to your life, which you recently considered humdrum. You will wake up in the mornings more animated and wanting to do lot of things.

This positivity will be seen by other people with good eyes. You will attract more to the opposite gender, and there will be a good period for love encounters and reconciliations.


The image talk about patience. You think you’re about to faint and abandon some project because it’s not fruitful. But you don´t know that you are in the final lap, and your efforts would soon bring good results. Be patient and everything will come, in the end there will be some improvement.

You’ll find good ways to save money. As time passes you will realize that your economy has improved and you have money to travel, buy some whims… But the best of all will be the economic tranquility, you’ll have to pay your bills and not spend any more trouble.


A toxic period of your life Is about to expire. The image announces to be liberated from a burden that harmed your life. It could be different things. For example, to stop seeing a person you don’t get along with. It could be to stop doing an activity that you hated, or to overcome a disease.

In addition the mystic Oracle tells us that in addition to stop doing something you did not like in your life, you will add something that will improve it. For example if you stop seeing some toxic person, you will meet others who will contribute to you. If you improve a disease, you will improve your habits and be happier; If you stop doing something you don’t like, you’ll find activities that you will like.

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