👉Find out what your Feather tells about your Future

feather 1:
The mystical oracle ask you to help you bring beauty to all aspects of your life.

Focus your attention on having beautiful and positive thoughts that allow you to see life with optimism, fill your heart with feelings of gratitude and express your feelings in harmonious ways. Look around you home and identify those things that you no longer need, de-clutter your place to create a more peaceful and meaningful environment.

If you think over and over again in a positive way, you will be able to attract good moments, good luck, and ward off envy, bad moments and diseases.

Feather 2:  

This is a day when you have to let those around you know that with or without their support you are going to follow your plan and you have to show confidence in the success of your actions. You have every right to enjoy your present accomplishments, but keep your focus on what your need to do from now on.

Even if you are faced with some obstacles, you must keep on going, because you will get there in the end, and the end is more near than you think.


Today the mystical oracle advise you to delve into the deepest areas of your subconscious mind so you can understand what is creating your fears. This is a journey that you must undertake on your own, others cannot know what is needed.

You are asked not to take things at face value and have the courage to find the truth. Deep memories might be surfacing leaving you feeling vulnerable, face your fears and don’t allow them to control your actions.

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