🌟Spiritual TAROT 2021

Mystical reading Card 1

This card symbolizes two people looking for love in the same direction. It may have a romantic meaning: the beginning of a relationship or a real friendship with a person who is presented to us almost like a soul mate. There will be a lot of affinity with this person.

You may want to say the beginning of a relationship with a person who attracts us a lot. The situation is of mutual attraction and it is just a matter of little time to materialize.

It can also refer to the beginning of a fruitful business relationship between a person you already know, who seems to conform perfectly to our needs. Also, a beginning of a personal project, diet, exercise program, etc that you will lead with decision.

Tarot reading Card 2

There is a big, important work or personal project  in which your collaboration will be very fundamental. Organizing, coordinating and planning tasks will be necessary, and you are important doing that. It is something for which you are fully trained, you just have to have the cold mind and devote more time to think the previous steps, before launching you to do it.

Mystical reading card 3

Mainly the card is about get very useful knowledge about the life, to take an effort without really worrying about the benefits that will be achieved in the long term, but to enjoy with the learning.

It can also refer to good economic news, maybe a stroke of luck. This card is perfect when you consult gambling, lotteries and betting.


Reading Card 4

The meaning is positive: You have worked hard to achieve goals. And even if you feel sometimes faint, the prize for your efforts is about to be paid. The fruit of your past will be given to you in the present. You must not fear for anything, for everything you have done has served something.This card is a clear symbol of the of patience and reward.

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